For the record, I have included two books on music/dancing.  This is a special interest of mine and I have developed programs that use the arts to teach material in the standard school curriculum. Deatils on those programs can be found on the "Arts Integration" page of this website. 

Research has shown these artistic endeavors enhance well-being which has an indirect impact on all areas of life.  The books below deal with the role that the mind plays in music and dance and how these joyful arts are related to learning.
1.  "This is Your Brain on Music" by Daniel Levitin 
This heavy tome explores relatively new research on the complex impact that music has on the brain's physiology.  This is a very detailed, scientifically based study of the brain's response to music.   
There is research that links listening to music and health.  Check out the article:  “Joyful Music May Promote Heart Health, According to University of Maryland School of Medicine Study" at the following link: 

2.  "Dancing for Health: Conquering and Preventing Stress" by Judith Lynne Hanna
If you like to dance, it is an activity that offers great health benefits which can only be helpful in all of life's endeavors, academic and otherwise.  Chapters 1, 2, 11, and the finale pertain most directly to the intersection of dance and health.  
Dancing is universally associated with joy and fun---think of the victory dances that football players do after making a goal, or the laughter that TV sitcom characters evoke when two of them do a little song and dance together.   By the way, the joy that dancing offers to those who are comfortable with it, makes it a perfect work break---for children and adults!   (If you have an interest in dance instruction, check out