1.  "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch
This beautiful book was given to me years ago by a friend, who said it was given to her by a friend….  It is a children's book guaranteed to make the parent reading it weep.  It's a short, picture book to read to small children, about the meaning of love and family.  It begins with a young mother rocking her new baby boy, and moves on to her dealing with his antics as a growing child and teenager, as he moves toward becoming a man.  Eventually she becomes old and ill and the tables turn.  You see him, now a grown man, comforting his sick mother in her home before he leaves to return to his own home.  There he picks up his new baby and sings the same song of love that his mother sang to him.  The heart-warming message, which would not be lost on a reader of any age, is the reciprocal love and dedication that parents share with their children.

2.  "The Little Engine That Could" by Watty Piper
This book holds a special place in my heart; I had a son who for years accosted every adult who entered the house to read it to him.  Indeed, it's a nice book to read to children, as it centers on the power of positive thinking.  The engine of a train laborsomely pulls carloads of toys and food for children up over a steep mountain chanting all the while, "I think I can; I think I can; I think I can."  What could be a better message to give children starting school, ready to tackle all manner of mental challenges?