1.  "Math Doesn't Suck" by Danica McKellar
OK, OK.  The ditzy subtitle for this book is "How to Survive Middle School Math Without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail."  The book is written by the actress who played "Winnie Cooper" on "The Wonder Years."   She grew into someone with a strong mathematical understanding though she initially feared the subject.  Her book is aimed at making math lessons comfortable and low stress for the reader.  Her insights are as clever as can be; she has a great repertoire of tricks and techniques for making each topic come alive and make sense in "the real world."  

The book helps students understand the concepts behind the major topics covered in middle school mathematics.  It doesn't hurt that Ms. McKellar is a beautiful and slightly foxy lady, showing that women can be both attractive and good at math!  (It's a great antidote to the infamous talking Barbie Doll that was recalled from the market years ago due to bad PR, after she was programmed to say, "Math Class is Tough.")

2.  Kahn Academy (http://www.khanacademy.org/)
This is a website where you can find Salman Kahn's excellent lectures on literally hundreds of topics, from what a Ponzi scheme is to lectures on science and art history, etc.  Kahn has a relaxed delivery that makes the viewer feel relaxed--his talks don't feel overly scripted--you can see him erase mistakes, change his mind on small matters, etc.  But he does an unfailingly strong job of explaining everything.