In addressing the complex issue of how to improve education, it's helpful to understand the bigger picture of how people think and learn, what are the best approaches for working with children, what jobs opportunities are on the horizon for people now being educated, and how our roles in society have shifted in today's global economy.  Since reading is a great way to broaden one's perspective, I have assembled a list of favorite books that deal with "bigger picture" issues related directly or indirectly to learning.   

Some of these books address education only tangentially.  But they all speak to the issue of who we are, how we think and learn, what moves us, and how we understand others.  Wisdom in these areas can only help us move forward in creating better schools, better teaching techniques, and improved ways to deal with students who, like adults, come equipped with all types of backgrounds and needs.  

If you have any suggestions for books that should be considered for this list, feel free to let me know!  Email: Barbara at bettereducationnow dot com (written this way to avoid spam).